Why "a quieter space" ? 


Hi, I'm Dina.

The name a quieter space came from a feeling I had a couple of years ago.


It dawned on me that as the world was getting busier and noisier, there was a growing need for people to carve out their own sanctuary. People would need to filter through everything that they are bombarded with on a daily basis, to streamline their growing to do lists and to figure out what really matters to them. Hopefully they would reach a place that was a little more calm.

It wouldn’t be perfect or silent, because that’s not realistic.

But it would be quieter: a quieter space.

















As a busy city-dweller and a business owner, I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed.


That said, my family and friends say that I’m calm – I don’t talk much, but I get to the point. I can usually see how to solve a problem in a streamlined way, and I can get things done without causing a fuss. I use this minimal approach in all aspects of my life and I truly believe less is more.


I have spent years moving between roles in Finance and Project Management, but I have always preferred working with small businesses where I can really get stuck in. I love to feel useful and I get a lot of satisfaction from helping others.


I also have an interest in nature & wellness, and I believe in a more “whole” approach to feeling good.





































Now I enjoy working as a virtual assistant, helping small business owners & individuals to simplify & declutter their admin & bookkeeping.

At a quieter space, I would like to understand your business and/or your life and be an ear to listen when you feel overwhelmed. I can help you to put systems in place to streamline your day, which will hopefully help you to create your quieter space.

I could help you with:

  • Organising invoices & receipts, keeping records to make tax returns easier later on

  • Preparing documentation & reports for your accountant

  • Reconciling your bank account, categorising your income & expenses

  • Categorising your personal spending, so you know where you stand

  • Providing reports that clearly show how well your business is doing so you can understand your numbers

  • Sorting documents into folders and files, so you can find what you need quickly

  • Chasing any overdue invoices, saving you the awkward conversation with your clients

  • Proofreading or transcribing handwritten notes or voice recordings

  • Creating systems & spreadsheets that you understand so that you feel confident with your business figures


I can work alongside you as your virtual assistant either as ongoing monthly support or on a task specific basis. Please send me a message to see how we can work together or to ask any questions you might have. I am based in West Sussex, United Kingdom so might be able to offer a home or office visit if you are nearby.

You can send me an email directly at hello@aquieterspace.com or use the messaging box below.

How can I help you?


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