As a business owner myself, I know how chaotic and stressful running a business can be. You just want time to slow down, things to be calm and for your mind to be a little bit quieter. That's where the name a quieter space came from. 

I'm Dina. My friends and family say that I'm efficient - I don't talk much, but I get to the point. I think I use this minimal approach in all aspects of my life and I truly believe less is more. I can usually see how to solve a problem in a calm and streamlined way, and I can get things done without causing a fuss. I love to feel useful and I really enjoy helping people where I can. 


I've worked with interior designers, architects, accountants, garden designers & project managers and I have always preferred working for small businesses where I can really get stuck in. I get so much satisfaction from working with creative business owners to simplify and declutter their lives, and would love to help you do the same. 

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